The butterfly is a symbol of hope,
the symbol of new life and
the symbol of those who are bereaved.
Before it becomes a butterfly though,
it must spend time in a cocoon.

We have to grieve, hurt, be angry, and
struggle to free ourselves from the cocoon of grief.
And one day we do emerge
- a beautiful butterfly
a stronger person,
a more compassionate person,
a more understanding person.

- Author unknown


[LifeChoice shared this poem with me in a packet they sent. They are the designated organization in CT that handles organ and tissue donation. Their support during this process has been incredible.]

Many people feel a sense of hope or renewal or joy when they see a butterfly. For some it is a sign.

While I was standing at the mailbox bawling in front of our friendly mailman, the Swallowtail in the photo above showed up. It was feeding on a butterfly bush Karen had given me for a birthday several years ago. It was still there after I ran inside to get my camera.

Today, on his birthday, I saw another beat up Swallowtail on Karen's butterfly bush - completing the circle.

Another surviving spouse shared with me that she is planning a birthday celebration for her lost loved one. She will be releasing two dozen butterflies at the cemetery, to wish him a happy birthday in heaven.





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