Thank you for sharing your stories with me. Plesae let me know if it is okay to share them with others who are also missing Doug.
- Bet

  • [The Cirque d Soleil performance in July 2010] reminded me of some antics we had engaged in back on Chaffeeville Rd in Mansfield many years ago, though we avoided any “face first” descents. - Pat B
  • May Days - John Cimochowski

    [Note from Bet: Doug loved May Days. May Days are a program that the DEP started to compensate for understaffing in State parks. Office workers would spend a day in the field helping spruce up State properties.

    It was a great way for him to get away from the office and all the phone calls, meetings and stress. He could spend the whole day outdoors, in a local park (also avoiding the two hour roundtrip commute to Hartford.) ]

    Another side of Doug that I've particularly appreciated and will never forget is his help on May Day in the State Parks each year.  Back in the 1980's DEP, I recall first getting involved in May Day where the Hartford Office helped out in the parks, Doug and I worked at Hopeville Pond SP staining buildings and cleaning things up. 

    In recent years, Doug took a particular liking to Bigelow Hollow SP and helped assemble a small crew each year from the Remediation Division to spread wood chips.  As always, he had the work ethic to marvel at and always would bring his tools, etc., to make the job that much more effective. 

    This year, he brought the 'ole pickup truck, a wheel barrow, shovels, rakes, gloves and the big container of water.  I brought my Kubota tractor (back in the van days that was a topic of conversation once we both had one) and with another fellow from Remediation, we cut up downed trees, moved brush and spread 20 cubic yards of woodchips, immensely helping out the park staff. 

    Sadly for me, that was the last time that I saw Doug. 
    - John Cimocowski

  • Doug told me once that when he was younger, he used to wish he was born with a very low IQ. He figured life would be easier because people would expect less of him. Sometimes I wondered if his special needs wish had been granted. More. - Bet Z.
  • I can remember all those years on softball teams and how much better it was when I was pitching and Doug was behind me; it wasn't because he was the best player it was because he cared and he always did his best; he never let you down. Dave.
  • Dad Z gave Mom Z a cedar chest for year for Christmas. Doug got into a garbage bag and crawled inside the chest and them popped out when Mom opened it. Julie and Bucko thought it was hilarious. - Julie Z.
  • Before we got married, Doug spent an entire day planting "daffodil seeds." (The heads. He didn't know daffys propagate by tubers.) He also thought ponies were baby horses. Bet Z.
  • Lucky the Duck
  • One little known fact about Doug Zimmerman, was that he was part of The exalted “HA HA YANA” Sect. They believe that as we evolve we become more funny and playful and that Laughter is divine. When we become truly evolved in our lives we become as playful as Doug Zimmerman, and our work is done and we have achieved our divine purpose on the planet, so don’t forget to laugh together often when you remember our exalted teacher, Doug Zimmerman. Lisa D.



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