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We asked Doug to take a once in lifetime picture of classmates in the stands at our 35th Simsbury High School reunion. (Doug went to Penney High School in East Hartford.) Kim gave Doug her camera. It was one of those little deck-of-cards looking things.
Doug took six pictures, in case anybody had their eyes closed or fingers up their nose. Unfortunately, he had the camera turned around backwards and took 6 pictures of himself.

mentoring the cat.

This is the last photo I took of Doug, Sunday June 6, 2010. I have a zillion of him. Lots of subjects complain when you take their photo - they are in a rush, bored or worried they will look fat. Doug was usually very patient. At my insistence, he would stop our giant camper as soon as possible so I could take a shot of something beautiful or silly. He enjoyed seeing photos of himself, so I think he didn't mind my constant camera-ing. A lot of pictures include his buddy Tenzing the Cat.

I sure am glad I have these pictures now. I do wish I had more videos of him. Most are of bluebirds (where I can hear myself telling Doug to shut up so he didn't ruin a clip that I wanted to use on my bluebird website), or of him playing with the cat. I am glad to be able to still hear his voice and see him - alive.



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