A Poem for Doug

My friend and colleague Jean Pillo sent me this note today, on Doug's birthday. The poem is based on a poem she wrote many years ago about her own wishes.


As an empath, my heart is aching with yours today.

In honor of what would have been Doug’s 53rd birthday, I will design a rockscape of some sort in my yard when I get home from work.

My loss of Doug’s friendship is insignificant compared to your loss, but every time I look at a rock that I always meant to ask him about, I think about you.

- by Jean Pillo

When my life ceases to continue
My body must be burned
Then let my ashes be scattered
Not sealed in a urn

bluebirdIf you feel you must pay tribute
Plant daisies in a field
So an insect can feed upon
Their innocent yield

Let a bluebird eat the insect
And then be another’s prey
Let life continue on
Don’t lock it all away

It was only an accident
My soul was given birth
Combined elements of nature
And water from the earth

Give back to circulation
What I stole to exist
So life as we know it
Can continue to persist

Those of you know me
Don’t be saddened when I die
Metabolism will carry on
But in a different form than I.




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