In 2005, Doug attended a children's birthday party in the neighborhood.The theme was Super Heroes. Doug decided to go as Rope Man, a cartoon character I had completely forgotten about. As usual, he was one of the only adults in costume. He spent quite a bit of time researching and creating his ensemble. It involved a tarp, running clothes, an old climbing rope, and duct tape (of course). He even brought a resume along. During the party, he periodically shouted "Gung Ho!" Other outfits for the John's parties were:

  • Egyptian theme: A mummy, wrapped in ace bandages. Someone at the party thought he had been in a car accident.
  • Medieval theme: A court jester. He was doing flips and rolled down the hill into a giant picker bush (invasive Multiflora Rose) and crawled out with thorns stuck in his face. Of course he still had a smile on his face.
  • Harry Potter: A Death Eater, with a scythe and cape made of black plastic garbage bags. He moderated some games and also flew on a broom.
  • Rope Man: The costume, serious pose
  • Rope Man: What a hunk
  • Rope Man: Evil cat attacks his superhero weapon
  • Rope Man: Ready for take off
  • Rope Man: Flinging the Rope technique
  • Rope Man: Airborne
  • Rope Man: Jester
  • Rope Man: Jester
  • Rope Man: Deatheater
  • Rope Man: Post somersault
  • Rope Man: Crawling out of the pickers
  • Rope Man:   Playing quidditch
  • Rope Man: Deatheater
  • Rope Man: Deatheater
  • Rope Man: Wearing a free somebody or other shirt
  • Rope Man: Deatheater
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Rope Man


Real Name: Douglas Doofus Zimmerman

: Sailor, later lawyer

: Member of the Mighty Heroes (Diaper Man, Rope Man, Strong Man, Tornado Man, Cuckoo Man); later member of "Man, Man, Man, Man, Man and Man" Law Firm

To fight evil and defend the innocent.

Mighty Mouse (ally)

The Enlarger, The Shrinker, The Ghost Monster, The Frog, The Shocker, The Raven, The Monsterizer, The Scarecrow, The Timekeeper

First Appearance
: The Mighty Heroes Episode #1 "The Plastic Builder" (Terrytoons, October 29th 1966).

Job Experience
: premiered on October 29, 1966 and ran on CBS-TV through September 2, 1967

: Body made out of rope, allowing him to entangle foes (or more often the rest of his team)

Signature Phrase:
Gung ho


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