Fluffy Bunny

In Happier Days, one of Doug's favorite party games was Fluffy Bunny. It involves cramming one marshmallow after another into your mouth without swallowing. After each one, contestants must pronounce “Fluffy Bunny” in an intelligible manner.

People who have done this once rarely do it again, as the melting marshmallow goo is disgusting.

Doug demanded that we play it at Doug, Stu, Ronnie, Freddie and Barb's 50th Birthday Bash in 2007. Keith (green shirt above) was the champion of this event. Photos of happier days below. See summary of party mayhem.

  • 50th: Doug explains the rules
  • 50th: Participants and cowardly spectators
  • 50th: Expert stuffing technique. Dentist on right hoping for new clients.
  • 50th: Cousins compete (Mike in Hawaiin Shirt, Robin in black)
  • 50th: Champion Stuffing - Keith won hands down (with Wife Becky as a close second)
  • 50th: The ZHO golf tournament on the Back 40
  • 50th: The Boyz and Girl at 50
  • 50th: Post water pistol fight
  • 50th: Cooling down with Mojitos
  • 50th: Cutting the cake
  • 50th: The cousins
  • 50th: Lounging
  • 50th: With 'da wives
  • 50th: The Boyz
  • 50th: Back in the day
  • 50th: The carnage aftewards
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