where in the world is doug zimmerman?

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At the end of two years, over 80 people have been helped by Doug's gift of life. The map above shows the 16 states where surgeries have taken place so far. His corneas restored sight to two patients. His bones, tendons and ligaments may have been used to treat patients with spinal deformities, severe arthritis, cancer or trauma His donated skin tissue was used for reconstructive surgery due to illness, trauma and disease. His saphenous veins can be used by bypass surgery, vascular and arterial diseases. The ages of recipients range 17 to 87.

I was thrilled to recently receive a letter from a recipient of one of Doug's tendons. She told me that she had suffered a serious leg injury, but thanks to "her donor," she will be walking down the aisle this May. I was so happy for this woman, and that Doug's loss resulted in her gain, that I cried.

Many recipients do not realize they can contact the donor's family. Others feel it would dredge up painful memories. Life Choice Donor Services, the amazing organization that handles organ and tissue donation in New England, contacted me first to ensure that I wanted to receive a copy of the communication they received, and reviewed the pros and cons with me. The contacts can be anonymous on both ends. Personally, I was so happy to hear from this young woman, and I am grateful to her for taking the time to contact me. I am also joyful that life still flows through parts of Doug, and that he continues to help people.






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