Working Hero

Doug and I owned a historic farmhouse built in 1840.  He often said that "the only thing that works in an old house is the owner." 

By day, Doug was a public servant, working to restore polluted properties to productive use.  By night and on weekends, he worked at home as a carpenter, electrician, tile man, roofer, mason, painter, plumber, landscaper, and car mechanic.  

He was a hardworking handyman.  There was no task that he wasn't willing to tackle.   He was my hero.

Doug died suddenly while jogging at the age of 52.  However, that wasn’t the end of the difference he made in the world, because he was a tissue donor.  His gift of sight, as bone, skin, tissues and tendons has enabled scores of others to continue to enjoy life.

He will always be missed, but his legacy lives on. 





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