26 Reasons why

WhyI gave this poem to Doug on one of our too few anniversaries

26 Reasons Why I Love You

A is for the 50 anniversaries I hope we will enjoy together
B is for how bad I am sometimes and yet you always forgive me
C is for "But I'm so cuuuuuttteeee!!!!!"
D is for the Dad and Mom you share with me
E is for the environment you help protect every day
F is for those fantastic guns you sport
G is for how glad I am to see you when you come home
H is for the best husband in the universe
I is for how happy I am to be your wife
J is for the dumb jokes you tell
K is for the smashing slobbery kisses that I hope you're working on
L is for how often you make me laugh
M is for my mountaineer who makes me proud
N is for how you hardly ever say no to me
O is for the only one for me (is you)
P is for the fun adventures in the Pleasure Palace
Q is for the letter I want in scrabble so I can beat you
R is for the Reese's you surprise me with
S is for the starlings you catch and the snow you shovel
T is for the time together that always seems too short
U is for the ugly, oil stained clothes you wear that I think are adorable
V is for how very lucky I am
W is for the walks in the wild together and keeping my feet warm
X is for xylophone
Y is for you who makes my world complete
Z is for the last name you gave me.



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