Many years ago, I set up an "I love me" wall for Doug. It proudly sports his medals, climbing photos and awards.

After Doug passed away, a variety of people and organizations did incredibly special things to recognize Doug's life and contributions. Our family was completely blown away by these honors. Every one of us cried when we saw them. If Doug could see it all, he would probably say BEEEEAUTIFUL!

Doug would have been so very proud and grateful. I wish he could see the I Love Me wall now. I'm going to need a bigger one.

The tributes include:

The Flag

Flag flown over capital

See letter from State Senator Tony Guglielmo that accompanied the flag.


  • From the General Assembly

State of Connecticut
General Assembly
In memoriam

Be it hereby known to all that:
The Connecticut General Assembly extends its sincerest condolences and expressions of sympathy to
Elizabeth Zimmerman
on the passing of Douglas Craig Zimmerman.
We are grateful for his 27 years of dedicated service to the State of Connecticut and the Department of Environmental Protection
His lifelong commitment to the preservation of the outdoors will leave a legacy for generations.

Introduced by Senator Anthony Guglielmo, 35th District
Representative Mike Alberts, 50th District

Given this 12th day of June 2010
[signed by] President Pro Tempore
Speaker of the House
Secretary of State

Resolution from the general assembly about Doug Zimmerman

  • From Governor Jodi Rell

State of Connecticut
By Her Excellency M. Jodi Rell, Governor:
Official Statement

Today, on behalf of the State of Connecticut, I, M. JODI RELL, Governor,
am proud to recognize
Douglas Craig Zimmerman

As a resident of Connecticut for many hears, Doug was hardworking individual devoted to his family, friends and the public he served. Always the outdoor enthusiast with an infectious sense of humor, Doug achieved many great things in his life.

Born in Massachusetts but settling in Connecticut, Doug graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University with a degree in Environmental Earth Science.
His humble beginnings at the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) as an intern evolved into a 27-year, successful career with the agency.
Doug's love of the environment went beyond his position at DEP, as seen in his avid mountain, rock and ice climbing excursions with his father, brother and friends.
Doug's zest for life, care and concern for others, especially as a tissue donor, coupled with his love for his wife Bet, his family and his friends is unmatched, and will truly be missed.

Everyone who has met or worked with Doug is a better person for having known him. It is truly a sad day when the State of Connecticut loses such a kind and giving person. I am honored to join his family, friends and all who knew him as we honor and remember him today.

Therefore, I, M. JODI RELL, Governor of the State of Connecticut,
in honor of his memorial service on June 12, 2010,
do hereby recognize the life of
Douglas Craig Zimmerman
in the State of Connecticut

{Signed] M. Jodi Rell, Governor

From Jodi Rell about Doug Zimmerman

  • Resolution from State of CT DEP Board of Examiners of Environmental Professionals

LEP Award

  • Text of resolution from the State Board of Examiners of Environmental Professionals


The State Board of Examiners of Environmental Professionals
wishes to express our sympathies to the family and friends of Doug Zimmerman and to his colleagues at the Department of Environmental Protection.

Doug was dedicated public servant who could be relied upon for his just and fair handling of all environmental matters that came before him.

He was a pleasure to work with and will be deeply missed by all.

Adopted as a formal resolution by the
State Board of Examiners of Environmental Professionals
on June 10, 2010

[Signed ] Amey Marrella, Commissioner, Denise Ruzicka, Chairman


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